How might we offer the sensory experience of a car ride while staying in the comfort of our own home?

Hayden is a 21 year old with a sensory deprivation disorder. He is non-verbal and fairly high on the spectrum.

He likes old Disney movies, realistic elephants, and songs with a good, groovy beat. His only care in the world when he gets stressed out is to go ride in the car. He likes it when his parents drive him around town, but only on specific routes. Parent's have come to expect quite the fuss when trying to take him home, because he knows where he's headed and doesn't want to leave the car!

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Initial News Coverage: 8/30/2019

News Channel 9 Chattanooga

Build Process Slide show


News Channel 9 Chattanooga

Hayden Cogdill's first reaction with the Riding Simulator Prototype