About Me

I'm Hayden Watson, I am currently an 11th grader at Cleveland High School. My areas of focus are Digital Media Production, Spanish, and (soon) Robotics. I plan to code and design apps and to build and repair computers in the future. I love to fix/build computers and working on iOS apps in my free time.

My iOS Apps

Modern Magic 8 Ball

$0.99 | ★★★★½

An app designed to be the best Magic 8 Ball ever made. It gives you answers to life's biggest questions.

Job Shuffler

FREE | ★★★★★

An app designed with hands-on classes with mind. It gives everyone a random job so that everyone can rotate through every job that they're supposed to.

Custom PC's I've Built

My Personal PC

Built in December 2015

My Friend's Custom PC

Built in December 2018

News Packages

These are videos that have aired on CHSLive that I made in Digital Media Production 3.