Integrated Collaboration

Cleveland High School has had a very rich history integrating STEM and Project-based learning across a variety of courses offered on campus. Our diverse and cutting-edge CTE programs and community partnerships enable campus-wide oppurtunities campus-wide for integrated and relevant experiences.

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Problem-Based Learning

Real-World issues and outcomes are at the center of our academic approach at Cleveland High School. From Freshman Experience fundraisers, Holocaust Literature Action Projects, mobility modifications for special needs community members and Environmental impact papers for scientific community review; Cleveland High School courses seek to overlap our learning with the practice of addressing greater problems in the world in which we live!

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1-to-1 Learning Campus

Cleveland City Schools' BLADE Initiative has sought to provide a device for every student in the district and has fully integrated this initiative at Cleveland High School through personal student Chrombook devices in addition to 4 computer labs and multiple specialized productivity labs in the school. We are in the process of implementing a ground-breaking open STEM lab to allow any subject to reap the benefits of trending technology while we continue to hone our 21st Century Skillsets as a school community.

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Community Focused Projects

Community-Focused Projects continue to occur at our outward facing school culture. CHS classrooms make frequent practice of incorperating local needs and challenges into the content and curriculum at Cleveland High School. Students have designed and served in locations across the city through their STEM projects, Club outreaches, or even a school-wide senior service proect that takes place for every senior at Cleveland High School.

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CHS Design Thinking Map

The Design Process guide at Cleveland High School is here to help navigate the Design Process in a variety of classrooms and lessons

The content of this website was generated by an ongoing faculty collaborative project at Cleveland High School. A majority of the faculty has taken part in adding, editing and curating resources and best practices on this website as we co-design helpfull resources for our own unique blend of STEM-based learning pedagogy.