Clear Water Aquatics

Custom Aquarium Design & Maintenance

About Clear Water Aquatics

Founded in 1972, Clear Water Aquatics Inc. has over 4 decades of experience customizing, installing and servicing freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Our company was started based on the idea that every aquarium should beautify you home or office space and it's our duty to provide an environment that ensures your aquarium will be beautiful year round. We offer standard, free standing aquariums, furniture style designed aquariums, and custom shaped and sized aquariums. Additionally, we provide complete installation and maintenance, to keep your aquarium looking remarkable. An Aquarium allows the beauty of nature to become a part of our busy urban lives, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and creates a relaxed atmosphere to any environment.

Free, No Obligation, Estimate

We would be thrilled to work out a time when we can visit your business or home to discuss your thoughts and ideas about your desired aquatic system. We offer both buying and leasing options.

Our Services

We offer several different types maintainance; occasional and scheduled maintenance as well as vacation and emergency services.

Regular maintenance includes:

  • Routine water changes
  • Remove algae and clean aquarium glass
  • Clean or replace filter media
  • Check, clean, and replace if need be, all mechanical equipment
  • Inspection the health of all fish
  • Water testing
  • Exterior cleaning of aquarium and stand
  • Equipment repair or replacement
  • Troubleshooting
  • Food and fish delivery (including acclimation)
  • 24/7 emergency contact

At Clear Water Aquatics Inc. we also offer relocation services for your aquarium, either across the room or across town, and should you desire, we can completely remove the aquarium entirely.

Design and Installation

Clear Water Aquatics Inc. has years of experience with aquatic systems. We engineer aquariums to fit in any space requirements, tanks can be put in a wall, designed as a room divider or simply match to your decor. From the design's inception and installation to the regular maintenance and care, we here at Clear Water provide a wide range of aquatic services that will create the aquarium, pond or fountain of your dreams.