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Share YOUR story. Share YOUR perspective. Share YOUR voice.

Becoming a published author via North Star High School's award winning literary publication is more than just a line to add to your resume, it is a platform to inform and inspire the minds and hearts of the LNS student body, faculty, and local community groups. By sharing your artistic expression, you provide opportunities for others to challenge their own assumptions and to find connection between kindred souls.

Our Mission

We believe the written word and the stories we share have the potential to positively change the world. We believe that writing is meant to be shared and not kept in our notebooks or on our computers, and we believe that exercising empathy as readers is vital to the development of our school, our community, and our world.

Our Work

We seek to publish work from a wide variety of students that exhibits originality in content, creativity in form, and demonstrates diversity and authenticity in voice.

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