Mrs. Panczak

Credentials and work experience:

I began my schooling at Oakland University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Education. Shortly after I received my Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. In 2015, I went back to Oakland University and received my ZA Endorsement in Early Childhood Education.

I started here at the Clarkston Early Childhood Center in December of 2017. Prior to Clarkston I worked in Rochester Community Schools for 4 years. There I taught both 3’s and 4’s as well as a blended classroom where we had both general education and special education preschoolers. I also worked for Early On in Oakland County where I worked with children under the age of 3 that had some type of developmental delays. I did home visits with children, as I showed parents strategies to work on at home to help work on their child’s developmental delays.

Five things about me:

  1. I have 2 children, Sara and Blake, that attend Clarkston Schools. I also have a step-son, Ryan, who is at MSU and a son, Steven, who is a Senior at Grosse Pointe North.
  2. I love to craft! I have an Etsy shop and have done several craft shows. Currently, I am making onesies with heat transfer vinyl, hair bows for girls and tutus.
  3. I love animals! I have a Newfie/Great Pyrenees named Bailey, a Newfie named Cooper, a cat named Shadow, a Bearded Dragon named Lizzie and 5 baby turtles.
  4. My life consists of watching volleyball games as my daughter plays for the Clarkston 7th grade volleyball team and SuperNova, a travel team in Clarkston.
  5. I love the outside! Throughout the summer we spend much of our time biking, walking, swimming and anything else we can do to keep us active!

What I love most about my profession:

I love working with preschoolers! They make me laugh everyday with things that they say and do! They have so much love to give and are very eager to learn! I started my teaching career in the fourth grade but have always been told that I would be a great early childhood teacher. I finally went and tried it, and I can truly say that I have found my niche in life!