Dr. Stephen Bird

Associate Professor of Political Science at Clarkson University
(Institute for a Sustainable Environment & Humanities & Social Science, Adirondack Semester Director)

Research interests primarily in energy and environmental policy
Affiliated with the University of Ottawa at Positive Energy
Recent research activities below, and full research links and papers in the link above.

Research Areas

N. American Energy Policy, Canada / US Energy Relations, Energy Conflict, Social Acceptance of Energy Development

Microgrid governance, Green Data Centers, Technology & Policy

Split Incentives, Energy Efficiency, Motivation, Ideology, Feedback, Smart Housing

Media, Events, Lectures, Risk, Activism Research, Items of interest

Current Projects

LEED for Communities: We work with the US Green Building Council and the New York Olympic Region (Lake Placid, North Elba, Olympic Regional Development Authority) on this pilot program for resiliency, sustainability, and equity .

Positive Energy: I do a lot of work with my Canadian colleagues at the University of Ottawa at Positive Energy. We focus on Canadian Energy decision-making, with a growing focus on polarization, governance, and planning processes.

Smart Housing: Since 2013, we have been working with our IBM partners in four of our student Woodstock apartment buildings to improve resource efficiency and use (water, energy) with our Smart Housing Project. New paper: A Smart Housing Field Experiment.

Microgrid: Working with faculty (led by Tom Ortmeyer), National Grid, and GE, we our assessing implementation of a multi-stakeholder microgrid. Several papers in the Tech. Change section.

N. American Energy Policy, Energy Conflict, Social Acceptance

S. Bird, The Policy-Regulatory Nexus in Canada’s Energy Decision-Making, Energy Regulation Quarterly. 6 (2018).

S. Bird, M.D. Heintzelman, Canada/U.S. Transboundary Energy Governance, in: S. Brooks, A. Olive (Eds.), Transboundary Environmental Governance Across the World’s Longest Border, Michigan State University Press, East Lansing, MI, 2018.

M. Cleland, S. Bird, S. Fast, S. Sajid, L. Simard, A Matter of Trust: The Role of Communities in Energy Decision-Making, University of Ottawa & Canada West Foundation, Ottawa, 2016.

Split Incentives, Energy Efficiency, Motivation, Ideology, Feedback

L. Legault, S. Bird, S.E. Powers, A.K. Sherman, A. Schay, D. Hou, K. Janoyan, Impact of a Motivational Intervention and Interactive Feedback on Electricity and Water Consumption: A Smart Housing Field Experiment, Environment and Behavior. (2018) 27.

S. Bird, L. Legault, Feedback and Behavioral Intervention in Residential Energy and Resource Use: A Review, Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports. 5 (2018) 116–126.

L. Nikdel, K. Janoyan, S.D. Bird, S.E. Powers, Multiple perspectives of the value of occupancy-based HVAC control systems, Building and Environment. 129 (2018) 15–25.

Microgrid governance, Green Data Centers, Technology & Policy

Hotaling, Chelsea, Stephen Bird, and Martin D. Heintzelman. 2021. “Willingness to Pay for Microgrids to Enhance Community Resilience.” Energy Policy 154 (July): 112248. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2021.112248.

S. Bird, C. Hotaling, Multi-stakeholder microgrids for resilience and sustainability, Environmental Hazards. 16 (2017) 116–132. Special issue on Sustainability and Environmental Hazards, P. Walker, Guest Editor.

Developing Advanced Resilient Microgrid Technology to Improve Disaster Response Capability. Supported by National Science Foundation, National Grid, GE, and NYSERDA. Co- PI, (lead :Tom Ortmeyer) 2015 – 2019.

Media, Events, Lectures, Risk, Activism Research, Items of interest

January 28 2019. Off to National University of Singapore for the NSF International Workshop on Putting Sustainability into Convergence, led by colleague Chien-fei Chen.

The 2018 "Last Lecture" at Clarkson: A Presentation on happiness, loss, and what matters in life to the Clarkson Class of 2018.

Editorial Board of Case Studies in the Environment (Elsevier)

Board of the Adirondack Research Consortium

Some video on Fulbright Canada at University of Ottawa.