Math 6

Course Description: Math 6 is a double block and will meet daily. This is a class where you will review the basic skills you learned throughout elementary school, then build on these skills to provide the mathematical foundation you will need for the rest for middle and high school. In Math 6 we look at real life problems and scenarios to make this course truly relevant to 6th grade student life. Students will take the Math 6 SOL at the end of this year.

Class Topics:

  • The study of rational numbers will include ratios, equivalence between and among fractions, decimals and percents, compare and order positive rational numbers.
  • The study of integers will include comparing, ordering, identifying, and representing integers as well as absolute value.
  • Patterns with exponents and perfect squares will be explored.
  • Geometric concepts of pi, circumference, area, perimeter, coordinate plane graphing, and congruence will be included.
  • Statistics study will include circle graphs, bar graphs, pictographs, line plots, and measures of center.
  • Students will explore proportional relationships, slope and solve one step linear equations and inequalities.
  • Students will learn to be problem solvers, reason and prove mathematics, communicate mathematically, make connections between mathematics and other subjects and within mathematics, and use multiple representations to express their knowledge.
  • The student, given data in a practical situation, will represent data in a histogram, make observations and inferences about data represented in a histogram and compare histograms with the same data represented in stem-and-leaf plots, line plots, and circle graphs.

My Personal Course Objective: Is to have fun while building that mathematical foundation and mastering the topics we will cover.