Barrow Elementary

Welcome to our collaboration and gifted resource programs!

  • Throughout the school year, Spectrum resource classes support learning and creativity to enrich understanding and make interdisciplinary connections across content areas.

  • We seek to develop authentic inquiry and independent investigations focused on discussion, concept development and cooperative learning.

  • We encourage student created oral, written, digital, and performance based projects across grade levels.

  • Our students benefit from classroom collaborations with grade level teachers, working in teaching partnerships in a variety of ways to provide a nurturing, stimulating learning environment for all learners.

  • We use assessment practices to learn more about student needs and interests as well as collaborative planning and working directly with Spectrum and other high-performing students.

  • We promote the use of literature as a vehicle for analysis, reflective discussion, and shared inquiry. We support student writing and the development of communication skills.

  • We encourage higher order thinking and problem solving skills during math investigation activities, student inquiry and hands on science explorations.

  • Multi-media digital projects provide creative outlets to demonstrate learning. We look forward to engaging student learning in a variety of competitions.

  • "Spectrum" truly represents our goal of providing opportunities for children to benefit from a wide-range of classroom, grade level, and school-wide special events and activities at Barrow.

Heather Carlson Aziz Coleman Allyson Griffith

Natalie Hicks Jan Mullins Fonda Slongo