Barrow Oral History Project

The Barrow Oral History Project began in the Fall of 2009. The goal of the project was for current students at Barrow Elementary to interview former Barrow Buddies from as far back as the 1920's. These interviews were audio-recorded, and students created projects using digital pictures and the audio files. You can enjoy learning about Barrow's wonderful history by listening to the interviews below. If the Teacher Tube videos aren't working, the files are attached at the bottom of the page for your enjoyment.

This project was a collaborative effort between Andy Plemmons, Media Specialist, and the Fifth grade teachers at Barrow. The project was supported through a grant from the Athens Area Community Foundation. This grant purchased digital cameras, digital microphones, and books on oral history and photography. It is our hope to continue this project in future years. If you are a former Barrow Buddy who would like to be considered for an interview, please contact Andy Plemmons,