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Listen to the whole Bible in 365 24-minute-long podcasts. Each podcast contains all three passages for that day in the 3D reading plan. I (Phil) give a brief introduction before reading each portion, giving background information and reminding you what we read in the previous episodes. Each podcast ends with a short prayer which I hope will help start you out in your personal prayers. Complete recordings are available covering the whole NLT and GNT Bibles.

Try out NLT Day001 Try out GNT Day001

You can start on any day!

Let's say today is not January 1st. If you subscribe to the Daily Bible Reading Podcast using a good podcast app, after searching for and listening to day001, your next episode (002) will normally be shown to you automatically the next time you open the app. OR ANOTHER WAY for late starters is to simply start listening to the podcasts as they come up daily, and wait to start from Day001 on January 1st next year.

Using our websites is just about as good as using an app. Save one of these two websites as an icon on your desktop, and you're all set. However some cell phone browsers don't let you scroll down more than five search results. And the the website podcast player won't let you listen at a faster speed. See information about good podcast apps below.

For daily releases of the NLT podcast series, find the Daily Bible Reading Podcast in your podcast app or see

For daily releases of the GNT podcast series, find the Daily GNT Bible Reading Podcast in your podcast app or see

You can subscribe to the two podcasts above using virtually all podcast apps and streaming services!

      • Important note: Some podcast aggregator apps only keep track of 200 episodes. If you subscribe within the first 200 days of the year, you should be able to find and start at episode 001 using your app.

      • But not all podcast apps have a search box! If you have to scroll down to find the first episode, and especially if the player doesn't remember the last episode you listed to, get a better app!

      • In case your podcast app doesn't have the day number that you want, you can always find everything at or

      • Here are things I look for in a good podcast app or streaming service:

        • Does the app have a search box or is the user forced to scroll way down to find older podcasts?

        • Is there a limit to the podcasts available, like just 100 or 200? Good apps will let you see all of the 450 podcasts in our feed.

        • Does the app show the episode notes nicely formatted? Or do you just get a blob of text? The best apps show line spacing, and can contain clickable links. Some even allow for bold text and other niceties.

        • Are there speed controls? I like apps that let you choose 10% speed increments. 50% increments are useless. You really won't remember much when listening at 1.5 speed. 1.25 is OK. But 1.1 is my favorite.

        • Does the app play ads on the screen while you listen, or does it force you to see ads at startup?

I have only been able to compile this information for some Android apps. (Some of these, especially the streaming services will be the same for Apple devices as well.)

      • Dedicated DBRP Podcast player In the Play Store of App Store, search for "Daily Bible Reading Phil Fields" (yes, the whole string) and you will probably find our app. This is a great choice if you want a dedicated app that will get all the podcasts in our catalog. See a picture of the Play Store listing for this app below.

      • AntennaPod This is the podcast app that I am used daily in 2020. It shows episode notes nicely formatted. It also has easily activated speed controls in 25% increments. This app is not as full-featured as Podcast Addict and Cast Box, but it does not show ads.

      • Cast Box This is a fully-featured podcast app. It is easy to find and subscribe to podcasts. It shows all 451 available episodes for the Daily GNT Bible Reading Podcast. The episode notes are nicely formatted. And you can adjust playing speed in increments of 10 percent. (1.10 is my favorite.) This program is a winner, but it plays distracting video ads while you listen. If you don't watch the screen while listening, you won't be bothered.

      • iHeartRadio has all the issues for the podcast site. Daily releases of the NLT will be at the top. To see GNT episodes, you will need to scroll down a couple of years-worth of episodes. After you listen to one the app will remember your place in list. The episode notes are shown just like I formatted them. iHeartRadio does not have duplicate GNT episodes like the site, but does have all the issues if you search for them. It would probably be easier to use this service if you want to listen to the NLT podcasts. The speed control is in 25% increments.

      • Pandora It is easy to subscribe by typing in the podcast name. All the issues are available. The episode notes are easy to find, but are an unformatted blob of text.

      • This streaming service contains both the NLT and GNT versions of the Daily Bible Reading podcast. Episode notes are nicely formatted (although without bold font). And the speed control is by 10% increments.

      • Pocket Cast This player only remembers the last 200 episodes. I haven't been able to get it to find the Daily GNT series of podcasts. The episode notes show as a blob of unformatted text.

      • Podcast Addict I have never seen a fuller featured podcast player. Episode notes are easy to find and nicely formatted. You can configure more than just the speed of playback in this app. It only remembers the last 100 podcasts. It was easy to find and subscribe to my podcasts.

      • Podcast Guru I could easily find and subscribe to podcasts. This player only remembers the last 100 episodes. Episode notes are nicely formatted.

      • Podbean You can easily subscribe by searching for Daily Bible Reading or Daily GNT Bible Reading. Only the last 200 episodes are available. Paragraph breaks in the episode notes are displayed, but not bold formatting. I found it rather hard to display the episode notes in Podbean

      • Spotify It is easy to find both of my podcasts using the Spotify app. All the back episodes in the catalog are available. The episode notes show as a blob of unformatted text, shown with white text on a black background. I don't find any controls for playback speed.

      • Stitcher remembers 250 past episodes. The episode notes are mushed together with no formatting. You can play podcasts at 1.25 speed.

Here are Apple apps that I know to be good. Apple users, please send me information!

      • Overcast This is a very fully-featured podcast app, and I believe it may be the most popular of the Apple podcast apps.

      • Castro This is a simpler podcast app with nice features.

      • Apple purple icon bundled podcast app: This is not the best app, but it is the one all Apple users have. Episode notes show as a blob of unformatted text.

You can always just use one of our websites:

Every day one episode of the NLT and GNT podcasts go live at the two sites.

The site has our complete back catalog of podcasts for both NLT and GNT, and various shorter series.

This is the icon for the Android dedicated Daily Bible Reading app.

For some older Podcast Aggregator Apps:

If you don't find the DBRP by searching within your podcast app, most such apps have a way to subscribe using the RSS Feed:

Read along with the 3D Podcasts using your phone or tablet by following the Digging Deeper Daily YouVersion reading plan!

Here's the subscribe link for the Digging Deeper Daily YouVersion reading plan: