Yamaha Allegro

The posts on the woodwind.org clarinet forum class this as an intermediate instrument. It is certainly suitable for intermediate and even advanced players. Only college music majors and professionals will find reasons for something better.

While having a poly-cylindrical bore, it has a bit of the intonation difficulties of a wide bore instrument.

Barrel: 65.1mm.

Bore at top of LH joint: 14.9mm.

At bottom of LH joint: 14.5mm.

Please see this link for how to interpret results. The flatness is due to my playing loud when I test. Although the low register tends flatter than I would expect. Also the upper register tends rather uniformly sharp, but not so much that it would be hard to lower the pitch and play in tune.

Tested with the barrel pushed all the way in, B45 mouthpiece, and Oliveri #4 reed.

The keywork, with gold plated posts and silver-plate-over-nickel keys, not only looks great, but feels very comfortable. The key work is also very sturdy.