Noblet N (another review)

Serial A47406, made in 1975.

Bore: 14.85mm.

Barrel: 66mm.

Serial B10784, made 1981.

Bore: 14:95 Intonation virtually the same as the previous model.

Pads: 3 x 16.5mm medium, 1 x 14.5mm, 2 x 11.5, 9.5 thin, 1 x 8.5 thin.

See the wooden clarinet main page for how to interpret these results.

I recommend the Noblet for intermediate to fairly advanced students. (Music majors will want something better in intonation.)Like the Normandy, this horn has excellent intonation, but, depending on the reed and mouthpiece and player, it may be perceived as flat in many ensembles today. Except for a few throat tones (which I intentionally play loud enough to go flat), it is very well in tune. (Playing softer and lipping up, the throat tones would be better.) More advanced players will appreciate having a 64mm barrel to use when necessary with this horn.Serial numbers found at Noblet N reconditioned by Phil:Serial B59575, made in 1976.14Nov2012 #B5296 for Kathy W. This has the diamond logo, and the top trill key with the bump. Excellent instrument.