Noblet Laureate

The Noblet Laureate is basically the same as Leblanc's top of the line models.

The Leblanc models that have the polycylindrical bore technology influenced by Tom Ridenour are

  • Opus II
  • Concerto II
  • Sonata
  • Rapsodie

The Vito V40 plastic clarinet is listed as "hybrid," but I have been told that it has the same polycylindrical bore.

Leblanc lists all of the above as having a 14.60mm bore. In one brochure the V40 is listed as 14.85mm.

Noblet instruments that I am told are the same basic instrument are

  • Laureate
  • Eternite (or this might be a Leblanc model)
  • Millennium

Bore: I have been measuring everything at the top of the left hand joint.

I measure the Laureate as 15.00 at the top left hand joint and 14.6 at the middle, or the end of the same joint.

Barrel: 66mm

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of this instrument. This was a newer Laureate, and I don't remember it having the fancy engraved bell of the older model reviewed here.