Buffet R13

UArk serial number page

If you are shopping for an R13, be sure the wooden Buffet clarinet you are buying does NOT say it was made in Germany. If it is made in Germany, it is an E11, NOT an R13. And the difference between them is huge.

Before Carla's excellent R-13 was sold, I made these notes on how it played.

This was with the original 66mm barrel. Usually I would be flatter than this with a 66mm barrel.

As always, I test with a good strong mf. (My mf is probably more like forte for students.)

Information from woodwind.org:«Buffet started marketing the polycylindrical R13 in 1955. Robert Carree's new design included a combination of polycylindrical bore and undercut tone holes. Buffet did not adopt the R-13 designation until 1955.» (Vytas, 2003)

The fine cork pads were installed by the famous clarinet technician, Chadash, not by me.

About years and how to tell different models of R-13s, woodwind.org.

Woodwind.org serial number list.

Probably a better list is at UArk.

Buffet's own information look-up site. This seems to work best for newer instruments. It doesn't work for 90 year old instruments.

Phil's other R-13 Reconditioning:

05Dec2014, #89357, for Herman Kaplan. Beautiful condition and great-playing clarinet!