Buffet C13

Many thanks to April D. for giving me the opportunity to review this clarinet.

Because of the K serial number, I think that the C13 line is just a new name for the Evette-Schaeffer line. This also is similar to the ES in not having a poly-cylindrical bore. This was purchased by April in 1988. The C13 plays like the best Evette-Schaeffers, or the R13s before Buffet adopted the poly-cylindrical bore. Evidently some C13 were made in Germany. But this one was made in France, as seen in the line just below the oval logo.

Serial #K66723

Barrel: 65 mm

Bore LH joint top: 14.75 mm

Bore LH joint at bottom: 14.70 mm

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Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Model Comparison Page.

For this test, I pulled 1.4mm at the barrel and 1.1mm at the center tenon.

Intonation summary: Very good for a straight bore clarinet.

Key work quality: Excellent.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: This is a very nice instrument for anyone, from beginners to advanced players. Only professionals and clarinet majors must have the benefits of the poly-cylindrical bore.

Condition issues noted: None. Wood in beautiful shape.