Serial 44 74293.

Bore: 15.0mm

Pads: Upper joint, one 8mm, 6 x 8.5mm, and I used 4 x 9mm for the side keys.

See pictures below. Compare with the wooden Holton Collegiate.

The bore size is a nice compromise between Buffet and Selmer.

The horn is quite nicely made. The keys are the heaviest I have ever seen. No way these are going to be bent out of position!

I am considerably flatter when blowing the Legere reed loudly for testing. The sharp throat tones and high register results below were when I was using a cane reed.

The 64 mm barrel that came with this horn will make it so that the player will have room to push in to match a sharp ensemble.

When pulling out, barrel ring (spacers) are recommended. See my suggestions on barrels.

Normally when pulling out 2mm, I would use a ring to fill in the inner gap, but I did not for the test below, since I figure most students will not have or use rings. The rings would improve the flatness on the throat tones.

Bottom line: This horn is quite nicely in tune for an intermediate wooden instrument. This would be good for beginning, intermediate, and fairly advanced clarinetists.

Extra sturdy keywork! The keys, and perhaps more, may be Czech made.