Thibouville Frères Ivry (Euree) Brevetés Concert #C830

This is a great playing clarinet, but it does not have good intonation. Note that the bridge key is not the same shape as the other Brevetés Concert reviewed. Note that the left pinkie keys have a bit of a hook to them on the end.The keys of this clarinet are quite soft. This requires a player who will be careful.Serial #C830Barrel: 64.4mmBore LH joint top: 14.6mmBore LH joint at bottom: 14.6mmThanks to Tom K for giving me the chance to review this!Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Model Comparison Page.For this test, I pulled 2mm at the barrel and 1.5mm in the center for this horn.

Intonation summary: After this test with my Chedeville mouthpiece, I tried the intonation using the original Thibouville mouthpiece. The sharpness was just as fierce, and I do not like the way the original mouthpiece plays.. This clarinet might play better with a longer barrel. Because of the intonation, I would say this clarinet is good only for beginning player. Otherwise, it has nice tone.

Key work quality: There are soft places that I noticed. The bridge key is way too easy to bend and will almost certainly go out of adjustment. The crowfoot and the low F and E keys will also be a problem.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: A beginning clarinet player, especially an adult, or one who will be careful when assembling and disassembling the instrument.