Schreiber & Sohne

This clarinet was sent to me to review by Kevin “Bugbarn.” I was hopeful of finding this a good clarinet because I have enjoyed playing Schreiber bassoons in the past.

Barrel: 63.7mm

Bore at top of LH joint: 14.7, and the same at the bottom of the same joint.

The instrument came having had one broken key soldered by Kevin. Some other keys caused me unusual problems because of being bent out of adjustment in rather odd ways. For instance, the right hand B-natural/F# bis key, when released was hitting up against the bar that holds the three rings, making it so the hole was not closed. The rings needed to be bent up and the B-natural key bent down. But when I did this I noticed that the keys bend mighty easily. This means that they will go out of alignment easily as well.

This test was pushed all the way in, with my default reed and mouthpiece set-up. The results show incredibly poor intonation. What with the problem with the keys and the intonation, I recommend this clarinet be made into a table lamp.

1960 ad:

1960 ad