Olds Ambassador

Olds made fine brass instruments. I think that their clarinets were probably made for them by Thibouville Masson.

Serial: 1204 (The first two numbers may be wrong, as they are too hard to read.) Under the keys on both keyed joints is a mark V108, or perhaps A108. This mark is like what is found on the Thibouville Masson clarinet. The bore and key work is also similar to that French stencil clarinet.

Picture notes:Compare this mark with that found on the Thibouville Masson page. Note that the initial could be a V with a slight bar, rather than an A.

The upward tilt of the key cup above the first finger right hand is typical of French stencil clarinets.

The Buffet-like pin-in-hole left pinkie keys are also typical of French stencil clarinets.

This clarinet is recommended for beginning to Jr. High intermediate students.

Bore: 14.6mm at the top and bottom of the left joint.

Barrel 61.73mm.

Testing with my Portnoy mouthpice and an Oliveri 4 reed. Results seem better on second try with VanDoren B45.

See more on intonation below.

This is fair intonation. The sharpness at the start of the chalemeau register is better if the middle joint is pulled out around 1.5mm. The upper register will need to be lipped down.