Noblet Super 40

What is with this fixation the Noblet/Leblanc company has with the number 40?

Because this is a blended instrument (and not one of my own blendings), I can't claim that the intonation results would be like other Noblet Super 40s. The intonation on this blended instrument would be hard to beat!

21Jan2011 for Christine.

Serial numbers are mixed on this instrument, and I think that the right hand joint was made by SML. LH #6943, RH D9042.

Barrel: 66.1mmBore LH joint top: 14.7mmBore LH joint at bottom: 14.7mmNote the large flanges at the base of the key posts. Compare this with the picture of the SML. The four large pad cups are also very dissimilar to any Noblet key work that I have seen.Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Model Comparison Page. These results were with the barrel pushed in all the way. Normally I would be flatter than this, since I normally play a 64mm barrel.

Intonation summary: Even though I believe this to be a blended clarinet, with the bottom joint possibly by SML, it is a fantastic match for intonation. The right hand Chalemeau register is not as sharp as most Noblets, while the corresponding notes in the Clarion register are a hair flat. But this is almost a perfect compromise for an instrument that was not planned to have poly-cylindrical bore technology. The slight flatness would be fixed with a 65-64mm barrel.

Key work quality: Excellent in both halves. The SML RH key work is all a bit thicker than Noblet key work. The pad cups for the four largest pads are almost flat on the inside. I have never seen that on Noblets. Also the key cup above the right hand first finger has the rib curving upward (like Malerne key work), and this is not found in Leblanc/Noblet clarinets.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: Anyone, including intermediate and advanced players.