My thanks to Carmen K. for giving me the opportunity to review this interesting clarinet.

This says “MADE IN ITALY” on the back of the bell. It is very obviously made by Rampone, and seems better than at least one of the two Rampone’s I previously tested.

Serial #763

Barrel: 60.3mm

Bore LH joint top: 14.7mm

Bore LH joint at bottom: 14.7mm

Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Model Comparison Page.

For this test, I pulled 1.2mm at the barrel and 0 at the center tenon.

Intonation summary: Fantastic! Obviously the maker took great care to come out with intonation like this. This approaches professional level intonation even by today’s standards.

Key work quality: The key work has the two long screws for the right and left ringed keys, like Rampone. The key work is good quality for the time when this was manufactured. It would not hold up well in a marching band or with elementary students.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: Anyone, especially people who will enjoy a vintage clarinet that plays in tune.

Condition issues noted: None.