Kohlert's Sons Kraslice

This clarinet was made to look like a professional model. It came with a high quality and heavy case, and the name stamp seems to have been proudly done. Also the instrument came with a nice wooden mouthpiece.

Serial 292924

Barrel 63.6mm

Bore at top of LH joint: 15mm

Bore at bottom of same: 15mm

The wooden mouthpiece had a deep fang impression on the top. I have fixed that so that it is playable again.

Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Wooden Clarinets main page.

I have two sets of intonation results. The first is using he wooden mouthpiece with my Legere 4 reed. It plays very nicely indeed! For this test I am pushed in all the way.

Intonation summary: Even though the throat tone B-flat and A will be flat, it would be best to pull out.

Key work quality: Good quality nickel.

This clarinet is most appropriate for a beginning student.

This test was done with B45 mouthpiece and a #4 Legere reed. These results show OK intonation, even when playing stupidly loud, as I do for testing. I would recommend pulling out some in the middle, which I did not do for this test.

1Dec2011 I find that my test above is overly critical. Today my general impression is that it is a bit flat around middle-of-trebble-clef C and B, and very flat in the corresponding low F and E. But much of the rest is almost in tune.