Concert (from Germany)

Thanks to Timothy Tikker for information about this German-made clarinet. It looks to me like a Buffet E-11.

Assuming this is a Buffet E-11, this is most likely produced by Schrieber, who is the main maker for non-French Buffet clarinets.

The "W. Germany" designation means that this MUST date to before 1990. The E-11 is a relatively new model (not like the R13 which dates to time immemorial), so this is probably a 1980s model.

Also assuming this is a rebranded Buffet E-11, this is going to be an excellent player. Most E-11s are excellent players and some of the best overall in their price point.


Pitch: Bb

Key System: Boehm System

Maker: Schreiber

Brand Name: Concert

Place of Manufacture: West Germany

Approximate Date: 1980s (probably)

Body Material: Wood

Bore Type: unknown

Key Metal: chrome plated

Keywork Quality: probably pretty sturdy

Serial Number: 66929

Recommended For: intermediate

Value: up to $350