Evette sponsored by Buffet

This page is for clarinets whose stamp reads




printed inside an oval made of dots. This is NOT the Evette Schaeffer!

Bore: 14.6mmBarrel: 63.2mmPads: 9mm on top. Four lower pads are 16mm. 2 x 11mm.Serial: #25139The key cups on this model are flat on the inside, like those of the Malerne Brittany.Because of this, this model needs the thinest pads.I used my new Ridenour mouthpiece instead of my Hite for the first test. Both times I used a Legere 4 Quebec cut reed, but with the Hite I used on that has been cut off. This illustrates how important the right choice of mouthpiece is!

The key cup above the right hand rings curves upward, and register key, and bridge key look like the Brittany (Malerne) also. The stamp says “Sponsored by Buffet,” not “Made by Buffet.” I suspect this was actually made for Buffet by Malerne.

[Jan2013 I definitely agree again after working on B12936. This one does not have the flat style key cups, or the button under the register key. However this one continues with many Malerne traits. There is no chiseled out place under the right pinkie keys like Buffet R13s. The key work is very inferior to Buffet or Evette & Schaeffer. ]

The intonation is OK for a beginning student horn. Intermediate and advanced students will want something better. Probably one should pull more than 1mm, and use a barrel ring. I did not use a barrel ring in the tests above.

Register key style:

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Phil's other reconditioning of Evettes:

September 2010, #K5711 from early 1960s.

18Jan2013, for George C, #B12936

1968 ad: