Buffet ca. 1840

Thanks to Nophachai for letting me photo this wonderful instrument.This clarinet is almost like the one shown on the fingering chart for the 1840-something Klose method! Klose worked with Boehm to invent the Boehm system in 1838. So this clarinet is very early.The Buffet logo is smaller than the modern logo, and is missing the “Cie.” (Sorry my picture is fuzzy.)The beautiful brass keys have are in the antique “salt-spoon” style.This instrument was played a lot. The rings have been worn very thin, and the pad cup above the left hand second finger has been worn through.The left hand Eb/Bb key is made to lift the same key that can be played by the right hand. That is brilliant! Why have another hole?!


Pitch: Bb

Key System: Boehm System

Maker: Buffet

Brand Name: Buffet

Place of Manufacture: France

Approximate Date: 1840s

Body Material: Wood

Bore Type: unknown, probably standard

Key Metal: unplated brass

Keywork Quality: unknown, probably very good

Serial Number: unknown

Recommended For: museum display

Value: up to $500

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