Boosey & Hawkes Edgeware

In the central USA, I see more of the hard rubber Edgeware clarinets. (Reviewed under Older Composites.)

Serial # 142479 from 1976. Restored 28May2011.

Barrel: 66.6mm

Bore LH joint top: 14.9mm

Bore LH joint at bottom: 14.9mm

The key cups are flat on the inside and take the thin Valentino GB pads in the following sizes: 16.25mm (or 16.0) X 3, 14.75 X 1, 11.5 X 2, 10mm (or 9.75) X 9, 9mm X 1, and 8.5 X 1.

Testing pushed in all the way.

Intonation summary: For a wide bore instrument, this is fantastic!

Key work quality: Not good! These are molded keys with number stamped on the backs. The right trill keys (located on the left-hand joint) bend too easily. (In the pictures, note how thin the metal is where the longer trill keys pass above screw rods.) This is not the instrument to use in marching band. The key cups are like the first Brittany reviewed and Andre Piccard keys, being flat on the inside. [update 16Apr2013: The keys were plenty hard on this one!]

This clarinet is most appropriate for: This would make a good jazz instrument for an adult. It plays very much like a Selmer Signet, but is better in tune.

Other B&H Edgeware clarinets reconditioned by Phil:

#N128317, for Fernando. Excellent intonation, like the one above. Barrel 66.3mm, same 14.9 bore as above. Picasa link

25Dec2012, #75301, for Ricky E. 14.8mm bore on both ends of the LH joint. This one has the terrible pot metal keys.

16Apr2013, #N108455, for Seth in NJ. Excellent intonation. 15mm at top of LH jont and 14.8 in the middle. Decent keys, not pot metal. 66.5mm barrel.

24Jul2014, #N131359, for Jeffrey Girsch and his MD school system. Forced to fix post on RH chromatic Bb key. Other than that, like new condition.

NOTE the excellent guide to B&H serial numbers attached below.