This information from Aaron:

"Amolette was a player & teacher from the Paris Conservatory who moved to Boston and was highly respected in the symphony world. He sold a line of high end clarinets under his name. There were symphony players who preferred his to Buffet. I saw a Bb of his years ago in good condition but it was WAY out of my price range."

Thanks to Denise who corrected the spelling to Amelotte.

Somewhat contradictory to the above, this example just looks like a Couesnon-made stencil.


Pitch: Bb

Key System: Boehm System

Maker: Cousenon

Brand Name: Amelotte

Place of Manufacture: France

Approximate Date: 1920s

Body Material: Wood

Bore Type: unknown

Key Metal: unknown

Keywork Quality: unknown

Serial Number: unknown

Recommended For: unknown

Value: up to $200

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