The Portland Music Company is in business with five locations. After financial distress, they seem to no longer carry concert band instruments, but primarily stock guitars, amps, etc.They incorrectly identified their ebonite/hard rubber clarinet as being made of pressed wood. They also sold a plastic model.The included plastic mouthpiece is excellent.Serial # noneBarrel: 62.0mmBore LH joint top: 14.9mmBore LH joint at bottom: 14.9mmApproximate date of manufacture: 2010Intonation results taken when playing loud and not lipping. See how to interpret these results on the Model Comparison Page.For this test, I pulled 0mm.

Intonation summary: It should greatly improve the intonation in the Clarion and Chalemeau when I widen the D/A hole. Like the Hutchen and Ridenour, the ringless, left-hand ring-finger D/A tone hole is slightly offset, which makes fingering easier for beginners. I find that the D/A tone hole is 6.8mm wide, whereas my Ridenour is 7.1mm wide. Clearly, the D/A tone hole is a problem for this maker, which I assume is the same as the maker for the Hutchen. (The Hutchen is a narrower bore.) On the Hutchen the D was as sharp as this one is flat!

Key work quality: Looks good. This has the adjustable thumb rest. I do not like this model of thumb rest, because some have come to me without the adjustment screw, and even without the main part which is held by that screw.

This clarinet is most appropriate for: Beginners. With the D/A hole widened, this could even work acceptably for intermediate players.