Student Resources

Iowa AEA Databases

Britannica School: Britannica is a great for information research. You can discover encyclopedia articles, primary sources and much more. This is a great tool for a research paper or history project!

CultureGrams: CultureGrams is a way for you to experience the world through cultural information on more than 200 countries.

Gale: Gale eResources offers screened and reliable content from magazines, newspapers, and reference materials. It is a great resource for any research paper.

iCLIPART: iCLIPART is a great way to get copyright free images and videos. This is a great tool for any presentation or iMovie.

SIRS Issues Researcher (9-12): SIRS Issues Researcher is a great way to understand major issues. This resource offers articles sections from more than 2,000 international sources. Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between. This is a great resource from an argumentative essay.

Soundzbound: Soundzbound offers copyright free music. It is a great resource for an iMovie.

Teen Health & Wellness: Teen Health & Wellness provides a variety of articles on issues regarding teen health. This is a great tool for a research paper.

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