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What’s Claire Apricot Illustrations?

We are an art business focusing on narrative illustration. We work with storytellers and board game designers to create high-quality illustrations for games with our 3-step Narrative Illustration Package. We believe that the biggest part of any media is the story that it wants to tell, and help with that by creating immersive, atmospheric art to engage your audience. Whether it’s tabletop or in the pages, our goal is to artistically enhance your story to its fullest immersive potential.


I’m Claire, the founder of Claire Apricot Illustrations. I’ve been working in illustration for about 4 years now, making narrative art and character designs for all kinds of clients. I’m passionate about story-telling, which is why I like to work in games and books. My goal when making my art is to help immerse viewers into the universe created. There are always more stories to tell every day and engage in through art.

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What People Are Saying

I commissioned Claire Apricot for a tarot card inspired piece for my monster of the week character and oh my goodness did she deliver!! For anyone with POC OCs, she was able to work with brown skin tones! I’ve had some issues commissioning artists in the past who scammed me but she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable! She sent me sketches beforehand and made sure I stayed in the loop every step of the way. She did an amazing job on my piece and communicated well with me, I genuinely look forward to commissioning her again in the future!

— Saoirse

I found Claire last year when I was browsing through Twitter looking for an artist to draw my D&D character. I went through her previous works and the art style was perfect for what I was looking for. The prices were reasonable, she was expedient in her responses, and she was very cooperative with what I requested for the art piece. I appreciated that she kept me updated on the progress of her work to verify that everything is as I imagined before continuing. I highly recommend working with her as you will not be disappointed.

— Jaques

I've commissioned Claire twice for some of my Dungeons and Dragons characters. Both times I've worked with her, she has been fantastic. She was very open and communicative with her progress, and when I would give ideas, she would sometimes provide some of her own that only enhanced the piece. She can also do birds, as one of my pieces was modeled after a Hildebrandt's starling, so don't be afraid to commission that sort of style from her as well! Overall, I had a lovely experience with her, and you will too!

— Dan

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