Our Process

We are an art business focusing on narrative illustration. We work with storytellers and board game designers to create high-quality illustrations for games with our 3-step Narrative Illustration Package. We believe that the biggest part of any media is the story that it wants to tell, and help with that by creating immersive, atmospheric art to engage your audience. Whether it’s tabletop or in the pages, our goal is to artistically enhance your story to its fullest immersive potential.

Meet the Founder

I’m Claire, the founder of Claire Apricot Illustrations. I’ve been working in illustration for about 4 years now, making narrative art and character designs for all kinds of clients. I’m passionate about story-telling, which is why I like to work in games and books. My goal when making my art is to help immerse viewers into the universe created. There are always more stories to tell every day and engage in through art.

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