Faculty of Mathematics

Below is where you will find all the information you need to complete work from home or study for your upcoming SQA examinations.

Each Maths class has been set up on Edmodo - pupils should access instructions and resources via their teachers Edmodo group.

Click here for Edmodo Class Codes

Miss McGregor

1A2 - wbsec9

1B3 - ef52tc

2B1 - vm4x35

3B1 - 4cjxqk

4B3 - pz6jz8

N5D2 - wsmmr7

Mrs Sapsed

1B3 - ef52tc

2A1 - kpbjta

3A2 - zh4t9g

4A2 - e5ypv6

N5 - de5hj9

H - snj8cv

Mrs Reid

2A2 - jaz27p

4A3 - u4hkek

4B2 - zmj3sc

H - snj8cv

Mrs Croll

3A3 - qn6xf7

4A1 - ittrmx

H - e6iw2r

Adv H - fy7wwi

Mrs Nesbitt

1B1 - g6hegd

3A1 - 4pgck2

Mrs Afzal

1A3 - 5utm4j

1B2 - pka9zp

2A3 - hdwha

2B2 - 5b7u4q

4VC - 54ygpb

Mrs Woods

1A1 - rd59bm

3A2 - m6g6yp

4B1 - vy3s2g

5C4 - 5bhvw2

3A1 - MN

4B3 - ja8rzk

Senior N5 (Small class) - fj5mxk

The table below has the join codes pupils require to access their Maths Google Classrooms through their Glow Account:

Maths Class Join Codes