CH2 Vacation Camps

It is time to look ahead to start planning for our school vacations. CKS will be offering a safe and enriching program for our children during many of our school breaks. Please keep in mind not all school vacation days will be covered. If you are interested in care for your child, please register as soon as registration is available. This will allow us time to ensure that we have enough interest to offer care on those days (we must have 10 children each day to run the program). It will also allow us time to secure the staffing necessary for those days. If we do not have enough interest on any of the days offered, we will let parents know that care will not be provided, as early as possible, so that other care can be found.

There will be no “drop-off spaces”. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.

The cost for the program is $35/day ($30 for additional children in your family).

Our program hours are 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

(We will be closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas Vacations, no program offered)