Rice Mentoring/Tutoring

First and foremost, CH2 Tutoring is a community team effort! We wish to focus on mentoring and building relationships because we believe that a big-buddy connection is a great way to help our students grow.

CH2 tutoring program can be an extremely enriching experience for both the big-buddy tutor and our CKS students. Our goal is to ensure that all students be inspired to succeed as lifelong learners.

But what does it take to be a great tutor?

  • Tutors arrive on time and ready to assist students with organizing and accomplishing their homework.
  • Tutors are on task while working with students and keep a positive attitude.
  • Tutors can demonstrate good organizational skills, communication and study tactics to younger students.
  • Tutors are prepared for small group or individual work with students in all homework areas.

And most importantly...

  • Tutors must want to work with younger children, and help them achieve their homework goals.

We are asking that each tutor give at least a one-semester commitment to our students.

Our homework club runs Monday–Thursday 3:00-4:30.