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Welcome to the Christ the King School After School Page

Greetings All!

The CH2 Afterschool Program had a fantastic show of support this past year from our CKS community. We look to continue to grow our program and we need your help. We love seeing our students enjoying their time in the after-school program which is why we would graciously accept anything you'd like to donate us. Your donations could help make this next year even better!

Our goal for the 2017-2018 school year is to make our CH2 and CKS vacations program both fun and engaging for our students while making it a space where creativity and energy thrive. Thanks to generous CKS families, we are on our way to reaching this goal, but still need some help.

Here are some ideas for possible donations that would help:

  • Craft supplies: glue, glitter, tape, paper, coloring supplies, painting supplies, etc. My rule of thumb is “Could a child make something with it?” if the answer is yes, then we’ll take it.
  • A couch for our after school room 208: Does NOT need to be new but preferably semi clean. I can transport.
  • A game table: Foosball or possibly air hockey, smaller would be better because we are working with limited space. I can transport.
  • Storage containers for games, sports materials, winter gear, crafts, etc.
  • Board games or puzzles. Unfortunately, we have a tricky state when it comes to weather and sometimes Vermont doesn't want to cooperate. Appropriate board games and puzzles are a must for days we’re stuck inside.
  • String lights.

All donations to CKS after school program are greatly appreciated. Your gift will have a tremendous impact on the success of our program. Thank you for taking time out of your summer day to read this email.

Please don’t hesitate to email me, with any questions regarding the CKS after-school program. I will gladly answer them in a timely manner.


Ken Bourneuf “Mr. B”