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2021 Wellness Fair Sessions

What is the wellness fair?

The Wellness Fair, hosted by the Colton High School Wellness Club, will be a virtual event where students, parents, community members, and others will gather to promote positive mental health and wellness. They will have the opportunity to learn strategies and receive resources related to wellness and mental health from local professionals and institutions in a fun and interactive format.

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Natasha Carrizosa is a poet, writer, and speaker. Her work is deeply rooted in her childhood and life experiences. Raised as the daughter of a fierce African-American mother and Mexican father, her writing reflects the dichotomy of these two rich cultures. She is author of mexiafricana, heavy light, and crown. Her work has been published in ¡Manteca! - an anthology of Afro-Latino poets, CONTRA: Texas Poets Speak Out, raising mothers, and R2: The Rice Review (Rice University.) She has performed her work and conducted workshops for audiences in Madrid, Paris, Saint Lucia, New York, Houston, New Mexico, and countless other cities. Natasha (natty) inspires and speaks to the hearts and minds of the masses. She loves her work with Coolspeak (a youth engagement company.) She has collaborated with Aspen Challenge, Aspen Youth Leadership Forum, Bezos Scholars, Write About Now, Aspen Words, Public Poetry, Tintero Projects, WITS (Writers in the Schools) and Poets & Writers.

social media: @nattypoet

email: nattyrootspoet@gmail.com