Mrs. Ciaramello's Classes

Yours may be the only smile someone gets today. Be generous.


If you want to join the band, please give the brochure you were given to your parents to fill in the form that is on the inside, circle the instrument you want to play, and return the form to me.


6th Grade


Monday, September 17, 2018

Religion: Study study guide and highlights in text book. Test tomorrow.

Spelling: Study words. Test on Wednesday, 9/19.

Grammar: Test Friday. Study notes I gave you.

Decoding: Test on Wednesday on how to break VCCV words into syllables: han-dle; har-vest; blun-der; dread-ful; ex-pand, etc. Practice.


Vocabulary: Study words and definitions. Test Wednesday, 9/19.


8th Grade


Monday, September 17, 2018


Spelling: Study words for test, THURSDAY.

Vocabulary: Due tomorrow: Pages 19, 20, #s 1-20. Do synonym and antonym sentences for words listed on 8th Grade ELA page. Study for test which is Thursday.


Grammar: Study Grammar Notes pages 24, 25 (Prepositions) found on link below. Complete Ex. in Eng. wkbk. pg. 94, Troublesome Prepositions. Test Friday. STUDY.

Grammar Notes