SEL Networking

colonial intermediate unit 20

Monthly networking meetings from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. on the last Thursday of each month.

Stakeholders Statements of Purpose

(as determined by participating members)

Getting Started in SEL

- There is an abundance of SEL curriculum that is available to schools.

- How do we go about selecting products to implement?

- How can this group support each other in the beginning phase of SEL

with regards to selection and planning for implementation?

Implementation of SEL

- What are schools/districts doing here?

- What are they using?

- What have they learned thus far?

- How is it connected to other processes/initiatives?

- How can this group act as a support to each other during various stages

of SEL implementation?

Fidelity Checks

- As an ongoing process related to SEL implementation, fidelity checks

are vital to assess impact and to create space for next steps.

- How can this group act as a support to each other in the creation of

fidelity checks for our SEL implementation?

Creating a Resource Website

- CIU 20 will create a website that houses all meeting minutes,

resources, presentations, etc.

Partnerships w/ Higher Education and Community Partners

- Seeking partnerships with Higher Education will offer this group

access to current trends in the field of SEL.