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Literacy Resources

Phonological Awareness

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and distinguish sounds. This includes:

  • Recognizing sounds, alone and in words

  • Adding sounds to words

  • Taking apart words and breaking them into their different sounds

  • Moving sounds

Phonics & Decodable Text

Phonics is the ability to understand the relationship between letters and the sounds they represent. This includes:

  • Recognizing print patterns that represent sounds

  • Syllable patterns

  • Word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and root words)

Vocabulary & Comprehension

Vocabulary is students’ knowledge of and memory for word meanings. This includes:

  • Receptive Vocabulary Words we understand when read or spoken to us

  • Expressive vocabulary Words we know well enough to use in speaking and writing

Comprehension is the ability to understand and draw meaning from text. This includes:

  • Paying attention to important information

  • Interpreting specific meanings in text

  • Identifying the main idea

  • Verbal responses to questions

  • Application of new information gained through reading

Brain Breaks

A collection of short videos and activities to give little brains a break.


Resources to help with letter formation and writing.

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