Homework Info

Your child will bring home a Take- Home folder each day. Inside will be their papers for the day and homework pages. Also inside are 3 front/ back pages in the brads, the first is the weekly calendar that has your child's spelling and vocabulary words, as well as a reminder to complete the daily phonics and math homework. We ask that your child practice writing and spelling words and spelling their vocabulary words each night. We have spelling and vocabulary tests every Friday. Spelling words must be able to be read, spelled, and written. Vocabulary words must be able to be read. Please sign the calendar each night to ensure that your child comlpeted their homework.

The back of the weekly calendar houses their conduct sheet. This will help you keep track of your child's daily behavior as well as thier conduct grade for the 6 week grading period. Please continue to remind your child of the appripriate behavior at school. (listening to the teacher, raising your hand, trying our best, being kind and respectful, etc)

The remaining 2 pages in your child's folder are purely practice pages and other useful information.

Also your child brings home a "Reading" folder. This folder has short sight word based stories that are to be read together by you and your child, when they have mastered the page, sign and return the folder for me to 'Star' it so they can move their Reding Car on our hallway Racetrack.

Thank you for all you do!