Membership & Bylaws

Council members were selected from volunteers who displayed characteristics of honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, commitment, and ethical behavior.

Law requires that the majority of members be parents of students in the district. Law regarding source of SHAC members is stated in TEC, Title 1, Chapter 28, 28.004. Typically councils will have 10-20 members.


Duties of an officer will follow the guidelines of Texas Law, SHAC bylaws, and then Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR). Memberships and officers will be evaluated at the beginning of each school year to gain staggered terms and balance of new and tenured members.

  • Chair (parent) will lead the meetings based on the agenda
  • Cochair (or parent) will lead in the absence of the chair
  • Secretary will take notes and post minutes on CVISD SHAC website
  • Treasurer will keep and share any financial responsibilities
  • Reporter will give reports to the school board annually.
  • Members at large will attend meetings, discuss agendas, make motions, and vote to achieve the strategic goals of the SHAC.


  • Formal name of council is City View ISD School Health Advisory Council (CVISD SHAC)
  • Purpose - City View SHAC helps the school district personnel and community members understand the basics of local school health advisory councils (SHAC's) and their importance in creating a healthy school environment.
  • Membership criteria must be a volunteer from a source listed in TEC, Title 1, Chapter 28, 28.004
  • Meetings must follow RONR in accordance with state law and occur a minimum of four times per year.
  • Agendas must be created and followed for each meeting using RONR.
  • If members are not in attendance of 90% of SHAC meetings and/or functions, his or her membership will be terminated.
  • Members will come into office following RONR procedures.
  • Members may resign at any time.
  • CVISD district administration reserves the right to remove any SHAC membership if the member no longer demonstrates the qualities of:
    • Demonstrates Interest in Youth
    • Awareness of Community
    • Professional Ability
    • Commitment of Time
    • Diverse Representation