Assistant Superintendent

Curriculum & Instruction

Greetings CVISD,

My name is Dr. Bradley D. Lewis, and I am the Assistant Superintendent at City View ISD. My main focus is on the areas of Curriculum and Instruction. We here at CVISD are dedicated to student learning and providing innovative instruction in the classroom.

Educating our children has become an increasingly difficult task that is shared on many levels. Our school systems must be committed to engaging students in rigorous academic challenges in order to develop the leadership and workforce for the future. Students should be provided a high-quality education and expected to learn at high levels. Superintendents, campus leaders, teachers and other administrative personnel must turn their attention to helping students develop the self-direction and persistence that is needed for them to be innovative thinkers capable of reasoning and problem-solving.

City View ISD has established a one-to-one instructional technology strategy for grades four through twelve. Each student in the district has a personal technology devise to be used at school and as an extension of the classroom while away from campus.

If you have any questions in regard to Curriculum & Instruction at CVISD, I encourage you to email or phone me. I will be happy to assist in any manner possible.

Dr. Bradley D. Lewis