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City Neighbors Hamilton is a progressive school for grades K-8. CNH is an arts integrated, project-based learning, public charter school, located in northeast Baltimore City. Learn more about our school:

Inspired by a working artists studio, the CNH Atelier is set up with the student artists in mind. The space is divided up into different centers. These centers include clay, painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, printmaking, architecture and more. Materials are accessible to students and they have almost every material at their fingertips. During their art classes, students are often working on their own independent choice projects. Students develop their our artistic ideas and select the medium that will best bring their artwork to life. Some art classes are spent diving in to the project based learning and arts integration work. These art classes merge the content and curriculum being taught in their other classes (ex: social studies, science...) with specific art skills and projects that showcase their in depth learning.

Hannah Cohen, Atelierista

Hannah has worked at City Neighbors Hamilton since 2013. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013 and a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2013. As the Atelierista, she has set up a choice based art room for students to create independent artwork inspired by their own ideas. When students are not investigating their choice work, students are working on arts integrated units that combine the content and learning happening in their other classes.