Official Chapter #083, Since March 12, 2013


English Speaking Professionals WG

Leader: Yurika Kakiuchi (Microsoft)


  • Networking
  • Disusing InfoSec topics and how they impact Japan
  • Sharing InfoSec certification How-Tos
  • Discussing about InfoSec movies (e.g. Hackers, Wargame, Sneakers)


The next (ISC)2 Japan Chapter English Speaking Professionals WG (ESP-WG) will be held on Nov. 18th (Mon) 6pm-8pm.


Date&Time: Nov. 18th (Mon), 6pm-8pm.

Place: Microsoft Shinagawa office

Shinagawa Grand Central Tower 2-16-3,

Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo,

108-0075 Japan

If you're interested in, please sign-up from the following registration page:


1. (ISC)² Security Congress 2019 report

By Keiichiro Oguma san (ISC2)

2. ”Dazzling" automotive cybersecurity world!

By Yuichi Kuramoto, White Motion CEO


If you would like to get CPE points registered automatically, ISC2 Japan Chapter membership is required.

Fee: Free


- Discussions are all in English.

- Appointment Information email from Microsoft Reception System will be sent 1 week prior to the meeting.Please show the Bar-code or Visitor Number on the email at the reception counter to enter the Microsoft Office.

- Collected personal information will be used for confirmation and correction of event registration, sending out e-mail, issuing reception card, and registration of CPEs.