CISO Lens is a forum for Chief Information Security Officers of large Australian organisations.

The purpose of CISO Lens is to empower and enable CISOs through peer networking, structured collaboration, and benchmarking. Our mission is to support the cyber resilience of the Australian economy.

A key driver for the creation of CISO Lens was the recognition that cyber security is a business issue that can be most effectively addressed through collaboration across organisations and industries.

CISO Lens:

  • was formed in January 2015, and has gathered every quarter since formation.
  • is vendor independent.
  • holds all meetings under the Chatham House Rule.

The ASX listed organisations participating in CISO Lens collectively represent ~40% of the total value of the ASX100. CISO Lens members also come from large Australian organisations that are not listed.

As a group, CISO Lens member organisations employ 1.4 million people, and touch the lives of every Australian in multiple ways, every day.

CISO Lens was founded by James Turner.

The CISO Lens benchmark 2018

In June this year, CISO Lens conducted a benchmark among 41 of the top cyber security executives in Australia.

The benchmark enabled these cyber security executives to assess how their organisations’ practices and structures compared to their peers. A few were also going through their own cyber security transformation.

This report draws on the data from that exercise.

Our intention in publishing this report outside the set of responding organisations is to support decision making in Australian organisations that do not have a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Chief Security Officer (CSO).

If you do not have a dedicated, internal, experienced executive accountable for cyber security, then this report is for you.


CISO Lens does not publicly disclose members, but some current members have published their participation.

"... CISO Lens is a group of CISOs that meet together regularly to talk about issues in the industry, help each other on current problems and generally look for ways to improve security across Australia. It’s run by James Turner who has done the most amazing job to get the best CISO group together that I’ve seen in my 25 odd years in the industry. It’s a passion project for James and he’s made a real difference in doing it. I can point to a couple of very tangible things in cyber in Australia that wouldn’t have happened were it not for this group."

Testimonials from former members

“James has brought together a peer network of Australia’s most senior information security and cyber risk executives. As a collective, CISO Lens continues to be a principle change agent for Australia’s rapidly evolving maturity in cyber security; across industry, government and various high-profile institutions. CISO Lens membership operates with independence, trust, confidentiality, and regular participation from all members in support of one another. It has given me an opportunity to build strong peer relationships, benchmark strategic plans and temper operational response in real-time to global cyber threats.”

"Collaboration is essential in further maturing an organisation’s - or indeed, a nation’s - cyber security posture. Being able to do so in a trusted environment with peers from not only financial services organisations, but across many different industry sectors has proven extremely valuable and insightful. CISO Lens provides this platform and continues to go from strength-to-strength in bringing together senior information and cyber security leaders across the industry for the greater good of all. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending CISO Lens."

"CISO Lens is a powerful networking forum, which drives genuine collaboration and cooperation in a domain where those virtues are often talked about, but hard to achieve. The curated approach to membership provides an important basis for close and trusted engagement. Boards and executes should be treating the 'connectedness' of their CISO as a strategic asset and CISO Lens participation provides a significant advantage in that sense. I would suggest it's a must for any new CISO of a large Australian company."

"CISO lens is an invitation only group of diverse Australian CISO’s drawn from leading organisations across industries who meet regularly to share, educate and support each other in an atmosphere of open discussion under “Chatham House” rules. The full range of cyber security topics and challenges are discussed, but most importantly, personal networks are built that allow for CISO’s to leverage off other successes and failures. In this rapidly changing business, technology and risk landscape, the ability to draw on this pool of knowledge is invaluable."


If you are the CIO of an Australian organisation, accountable for cyber security and you are keen to collaborate with your peers, you may be interested in participating in the CIO Cyber and Risk Network. The CIO Cyber & Risk Network is an IBRS service, and was launched in October 2017.