Link to google directions.

From Hwy 65 go West on Cty Rd 5/Heritage Blvd for .5 miles. Then go North on 3rd Ave for .7 miles. The soccer complex will be on the east side. NOTE: Google maps will stop you .5 miles short of the soccer complex.

We have three parking lots. Use the north parking lot for Fields 1-3. The main parking lot by the pavilion for fields 3-6 and the south east parking lot for fields 6-9.

Playing Fields

Cambridge-Isanti Soccer Club -

CIS01-CIS09 Isanti Soccer Complex Fields 1-9

950 3rd Ave. N

Isanti, MN 55040

Directions -

From the intersection of I-694 and MN Hwy 65 go north on Hwy 65 approx. 35 miles to Isanti. Turn left on Co Rd 5 at stop lights. Go west approx. 0.6 miles. Turn right on 3rd Ave. (just before elementary school) go north 1 mile. Isanti Soccer Complex is on the right. Fields are numbered starting from the north nearest the road and are numbered 1 thru 9.

Google Maps Directions

Field Rules

  1. NO dogs allowed
  2. NO smoking
  3. NO motorized vehicles
  4. NO climbing on goals
  5. NO hanging on nets
  6. NO littering
  7. NO swearing or abusive language