Mr. Andrew's MAT09 Google Site

Welcome, students! This is the Google Site for Mr. Andrew's MAT09c course. Resources and websites and information will be posted here and we will discuss them during class. This Google Site will include most of the media resources that you may want to access throughout the course. This includes some Google Docs and Sheets and Slides, etc. It also will have links to other useful resources, such as Youtube channels and other websites that have useful information for helping you manage yourself through this course.

The Resources section contains:

  • generic online resources that will help you to learn math to which you can and should frequently refer

The Holistic Education section contains:

  • information about holistic education
  • links to websites and apps which promote holism, mindfulness, calmness, personal well-being and health

The Technological Education section contains:

  • information about technology usage in 21st century education (both high-school level and university level)
  • The CIS Technology Responsible use Policy
  • other links related to using technology in the classroom

The Chapters section of this website contains:

  • links to websites/videos/online resources that will be useful to you in learning and mastering math
  • each Chapter page has resources related to that Chapter only
  • within each tab, they are not in any particular order

The Word Wall is a running word wall with a list of all the key words that we have encountered in the course so far. You must learn the definitions of these throughout the course and how to apply them and explain them

Mat 9 Course Profile 2017-18