Ping Pong Tournament

September 7 Update

Any student who wishes to help organize a school-wide Ping Pong tournament this year may contact Mr. Jones (

Final Results 2018-2019

September 22nd Update:

Today's big news is finally have our award winners both in boy's and girl's single pingpong tournaments.

Bernard Lee (S402) came back after his treatment of pneumonia in HK and played a set of additional games with Alvin Heung and finally won back the opportunity to the final, Luck Cheung defeated Mitchell Foskey and also came into the fianl. All of the semi finals players got good skill in pingpong, so the competition was very fierce and hard to predict who will laugh to the end. But finally, Bernard Lee won three games in a row after he lost the first one and became the best player (boys) in HZCIS this year.

For girl's side, the games were also fantastic and Caitlin Murphy and Katia Shek finally went into the final competition.

In the final games, we can know the two players are in the same level if we see the scores, it is 11:8, 13:11, 10:12 and 11:8. Two players both gave their best performance for the night and Katia Shek became the champion of girl's tournament.

All of the players show great respect to their opponents after the game, that's something very important in a competition, let's congratulate them!

September 19th Update:

For boy’s and mixd doubles games, we are going to play round-robins, that means every player/pair should play each other for one competition (3 out of 5 games contain 11 points each), and we will know who is/are the finals winner on Saturday night. To decide who the winner is/are, we have two plans:

1) those who defeated other two players/pairs will be the final winner

2) if three of the players/pairs all win one and lose one game, then we will count the player/pair ’s ‘winning rate’ on the whole game (we calculate the winning rate on ‘games’ first, if still can’t tell who the winner is, then calculate the winning rate on ‘points’, if still can’t, then we play an overtime round-robin game with 5 points each…).

For girl’s finals, there are round 3 and round 4 to be play. In round three, Miranda Jiang and Caitlin Murphy, Katia Shek and Beryl Yu play each other and the two winners will come into the final, and she who lost the round three still have chance to play round 4 to decide the 3rd and 4th place of the whole series.

We’ve ordered some special gifts for all the participated players from the first round, and also for the audience who is around the pingpong area while the finals are playing on Saturday night. The 4 winners of the 3 tournaments will get a ticket to Shanghai Disneyland for free (you can decide the time and we will book it for you, or we can talk about changing to something you like more after the games), and all the first three players in 3 tournament’s finals will get an certification from HZCIS to prove that you are the best players in our school so far.

September 15th Update:

The second round of boy's and girl's tournaments and first round of mixed doubles tournament took place tonight and emerges some very good players inside our campus throughout the whole series, the game has become more and more serious!

After 7 very fierce competitions between the players those who have won in the first round (win 3 of 5 games), finally we have 7 players come into the boy's and girl's finals, and they will compete with each other to decide who will win the final award. For girl's, Miranda Jiang, Caitlin Murphy, Katia Shek and Beryl Yu are the 4 final players, for boy‘s, Luke Cheung, Mitchell Foskey and Alvin Heung come into the next week's finals.

For those who didn't win the game in the second round, that doesn't means they are not good players. Falco Emery played 5 games with Alvin and wins the first two games, also Jerron Chan played 5 games with Mitchell and even lead in the first 3 points in the 5th game, same situation as girl's side.

Mixed doubles tournament also start tonight and 6 pairs of players played their first round (we skip the first round so actually it is the semi finals) knockout games and we have Ignatius/Helen, Caitlin (Alice)/Angus and Emily/Justin come into the finals in next week's Saturday night.

We saw great team spirits thorough the games and players always encourage their teammate while playing, that's something more than a game and what we really expect to see.

September 10th Update:

After last Saturday night's games, still lots of players using their spare time training in the basement, great atmosphere!

We are going to start the first round of mixed doubles tournament this Saturday night (15th of Sep.), and only 6 to 8 pairs of players will get the chance to participate in, so tell your CM who is your partner as soon as possible if you want to play!!!

September 8th Update:

At one point there was over 58 audience (not include the staffs here) watching pingpong games in the basement. That is over 60% of the whole number of our students, 60% students supporting each other in doing exercise at Saturday night, that's amazing!

In the first round of boy's and girl's tournaments, with very tense competitions going on, 7 (still one game missing) girls and 6 boys have entered into the second round of knockout matches on next Saturday night (September 15th), expecting to their next great performance!

We can't make these games happen without the support from Mr. Grace (who helps to design and organize nearly all things about these competition), Mr. Pollock (designs this webpage and the figure of opponent pairs for each tournaments ), Mr. Jones (prepares the new bats, balls and scoreboards for us...), and also our lovely coach mentors who volunteered to help collecting the name lists of the players and play the role of referee through all the games. Also, we should say thanks to Zhang laoshi, who supported us all the way in the backside, and don't forget, she is also a very good pingpong player.


We will have our first round of pingpong tournaments (boy’s single and girl’s single) tonight, have you prepared yet? (no worry, it’s just a game)

Here I’m going to make clear about the rules of the games.

1. To win a round

You have to win 2 out of 3 games which each of them contain 11 points to get to the next round, and every Saturday night for one round. The first two rounds will be knockout matches, so only if you can win 2 games in each round can you go further in next week’s round.

2. The basic rules of pingpong

Some of you may didn’t play pingpong so much before, that doesn’t matter, but still there are some basic rules you need to know. The first thing is never touch the table or net when the ball is in the air and you are in a competition, you may lose 1 point by doing that. The other things we will see if it’s important to decide if we are going to emphasize in the basement tomorrow, you can also learn from the players who know (come on, it’s easy to know if you get or lose 1 point, and we have judges in the court)

3. Rewards

I know some of you are imagining what souvenir you will get after your participation, or how many of the ’top players’ will go to the Shanghai Disneyland trip, or some other problems about the rewards. Don’t worry again, each of you who is participated will get a small souvenir, and about the number of Shanghai trip, if you all think it’s not what you like and you want to change to something that can include more players ,or even you just want more ‘freedom’, you are very welcomed to talk to us. But let’s be honest, you need to win the game first.

4.Time & Opponents

Considering the first round is the busiest one of the whole series, we may need to start a little earlier tonight, the time will be 7:30 PM and we start the boy’s and girl’s tournaments together. Still don’t know who you’re playing against with? don’t worry, you will have opponent at that time, maybe you can search on at 4PM, or we will tell you before the game is begin, so make sure you stay around the pingpong area in the evening(I’m not gonna let you compete with your roommates)

5. Foreign aids

If you invited our HZCIS staff to represent you, you have to inform your CM to let me know first, we still have chances for you to get an foreign aid, so invite your HOHs, teachers, CMs (they may busy with get the deliveries for you at that time), they may just waiting for your invitation.

Hope you all have fun in these games, see you tonight!