Community Project


HZCIS Community Project

“All meaningful knowledge is for the sake of action and all meaningful action for the sake of friendship”

“Our ability to enter into fully personal relations with others is the measure of our humanity.”

—— Macmurray

First Visit Instructions

For Sep.11th Tuesday’s First Visit, all supervisors, CMs, students will have their first meeting

Purpose: Get to know the place & the people in the community, and make your own teams.


  • Wear Name Badge (*To be provided for students)
  • Speak Chinese
  • Be respectful


  • Students will be there as potential partners of the community
  • CMs will be your group coordinator (Also photographer)
  • Teachers will be there as supervisors

Process for Tuesday afternoon:

1.Meet up at lobby at the required time (specified in red)

Find your Group CM and follow CM to get to the place

2.When you get there,

a) Observe and interact with people in the community

b) Make your project teams of 2-3 people, report to CM

(Each supervisor will be responsible for 5-6 students)

c) Prepare for next week’s activity / project work

3.Back on campus (by 16:30)

a) Debrief as a group on what you learned / observed

b) Go through the “Stage 1” (Page 3-8) in Community Project Guide

- Follow the instructions in the guide, and record on ManageBac@HK

c) Write a CP process journal individually on your own google doc. (try to share photos)

- What did you observe? What did you do? What ATL skills did you use? Questions?

Very Important Resources:

Community Project Guide for Students (most important)

Community Project Groups 2018-2019

Introduction to Community Project

Wanna do better than last year? Here check it out what they did:

Last Year’s Final Presentation Videos Link

Videos on the idea of “service”:

International Volunteering: Valuable or Vandalism?

wanna help someone? shut up and listen

Timeline of the Year:

8/28 Community Project Framework

9/4 Service Fair & Student Sign-up

# 九月份共3次外出行动

9/11 First Visit + First supervisor meeting 1

9/18 Project Time (Action & Observation)

9/25 Project Time (Action & Observation)

# 十月份放假四周,仅1次外出

10/30 Project Time (Action & Observation)

# 十一月有4次外出行动,其中第一次是“社区项目周”三整天的时间

11/7-9 CP Week (3 days) Second supervisor meeting 2 (Proposal for Action)

+ Whole School Sharing Session (5 min / Group)

11/13 Project Time (Action & Observation) * in Beijing !

11/20 Project Time (Action & Observation)

11/27 Project Time (Action & Observation)

# 十二月份共2次外出行动

12/4 Project Time (Action & Observation)

12/11 Project Time (Action & Observation)

# 一月份共3次外出行动

1/8 Project Time (Action & Observation)

1/15 Project Time (Action & Observation)

1/22 Project Time (Action & Observation)

# 二月份共2次外出行动

2/19 Project Time (Action & Observation)

2/26 Project Time (Action & Observation)

# 三月份共4次外出行动

3/5 Project Time (Action & Observation)

3/12 Project Time (Action & Observation)

3/19 Project Time (Action & Observation)

3/26 Last Visit Celebration with CP partners

# 四月份放假,2个下午用于内部评估准备

* 4/2 Preparation for Evaluation Last supervisor meeting

(Script, slides, process journal extracts, reflection form)

*4/30 Rehearsal for the final presentation

* Prepare for a CP Exhibition

*5/7 Final Presentation (video-documented)

  • Sign Academic Honesty Form
  • Invite partners representatives to come